Swine TV Pork Producer Hot Stove, Episode 3, May 2022


Producer Panel:

*Thomas Titus from Elkhart Illinois, he is a Pork Producer and President of the Illinois Pork Association

*Amber Portner from Sleepy Eye Minnesota, she is from Christensen Farms

*Jurgen Preugschas, from Alberta Canada, he is the President at Five Lakes Farms Limited

*Russ Vering from Scribner Nebraska, he operates Central Plains Milling

*Emily Erickson, Head of Human Resources from Wakefield Pork in Jackson Minnesota

*Special Guest Doug Gladues, USDA ASF Scientist from Orient New York

Discussion Points:
*Silver linings from Covid and opening up doors to less traditional markets
*Illinois Pork presidency, goals, and family Farm
*How Carbon Tax is affecting the Hog Industry in Canada
*How to deal with the dangers of ASF
*Effect and dangers of Wild Boar Populations
*FAD; communicating before, during and after stakeholder trust and confidence)
*Industry’s voice: how can we be louder/more impactful than our adversaries (i.e., DxE, PETA, etc.)
* Great Resignation–how the pork industry is responding vs. how it needs to.
*Labor shortage–where can we go from here?
*Biosecurity–in relation to recent PRRS and PED outbreaks across the Midwest
*Ballot initiatives and special interest groups
*When would we expect a vaccine to be available for producers in the USA.

Final Wrap:
*We ask each guest what keeps them up at night as it pertains to the Pork Industry.