Swine TV Pork Producer Hot Stove, Episode 2


Producer Panel:
*Tork and Sawyer Whisler, Owners at This Ill Do Farms from Northeast Iowa
*Adam Walters, Pork Finishing Manager at Tosh from Henry Tennessee
*Shane Mcauliffe, Owner from Mcauliffe Farms in Kerry Ireland; 2000 Sows
*Mark Slack, Owner from Slack Farms Tweed Ontario Canada
*Wanda Patsche, Wean to Finish Pork Producer from Martin County Minnesota; 6400 Head A year
*Melissa Larson, Owner of Black Gold Family Farm, Berkshire Only in North East Colorado, ; 80 Sows

Discussion Points:
*Tyson Smithfield and Hormel investing in artificial meat, do they have the Hog Producers best interest
*PRRS 144/174 and the current effect in the operation
*Prop 12
*Social Media in Agriculture and how we can control our narrative
*Challenges in Ireland compared to around the globe (Energy, Covid, & Feed Price Increase) and how they affect North American Producers
*Building & Expansion during a pandemic, Labour shortage
*Next generation on the farm, transitioning to future generations
*Hiring in a candidate market, re-thinking employee management and the great resignation.
*Using Technology to manage Production (Digital Barn Sheets)
*Berkshire Pork, what does it supersede Market Pork
*The aggressive 5 year plan to double herd and sell to Whole Foods

Final Wrap:
*Can we count on Industry groups to adequately educate and promote our product? No Producers need their own promotion and education?