Rising Trends on Finisher Hog Buildings from Integrity Builders & Supply Design Estimating Team


Trends in hog building design with wean to finish swine facilities. The Integrity Estimators come together to talk about:

-Hog barn fast alley gating
-Wet Dry Feeder increasingly being designed into finishing barns
-Solid slats as an option under pig feeders
-Smart controllers increasing for remote alarm capabilities
-Tube heaters as a heating option in hog buildings
-Looking at details in your hog building blue prints
-Checking all options when budgeting for your hog building project especially product selection in swine barns
-Weighing options of stainless steel products
-Goals for your pig farms and functionality of livestock barns

Rachel candidly talks with Seth, Steve, Hugo, Brooke and Harold from Integrity Builders & Supply on what they are noticing in hog building design – thinking ahead and planning for future goals with your pig farm. Today we focus on wean to finish barns for pork producers, farmers and integrators in the pork industry.