Swine Doc Pod with Carthage, Executing Prop 12 Production with Martin Family Farms

We’re joined by Brian Martin from Martin Family Farms to talk about the implementation and execution of Proposition 12 compliant production practices within their system. Brian and team have converted a 10,000 sow breed to wean facility to Prop 12 compliance and Brian takes us through his experiences successfully executing this transition. The Martin Family Farms team has successfully completed the financial evaluation to understand evolving revenue streams and cost structure under Prop 12 production. They’ve made common sense facility improvements to facilitate compliance with sow housing requirements. They’ve been breeding and farrowing sows under this model for months and Brian is gracious enough to share with us his lessons learned through the process. Dr. Aaron Lower has supported the Martin Family Farms team journey toward Prop 12 compliance and shares his thoughts about the animal welfare impact of Prop 12 compliance. Brian and Aaron jointly share details about the investment it takes to move to Prop 12 compliance as well as the actual impacts to sow performance they’ve observed since the transition. We can’t thank Brian and the Martin Family Farms team enough for their willingness to share their story! Whether you’re considering a Prop 12 remodel for your farm or not, the Martin Family Farms transition serves as a road map for any commodity producer considering new opportunities for unique revenue streams in any area of your operation.