In Swine Versation: Water, Energy, and Possibilities with Russ Vering


Pork Industry entrepreneur Russ Vering is part of Viroment. Viroment’s technology converts a disposal cost into a profit center.

Viroment facilities are fitted with award-winning filtration technology. Our unique process reduces water volume, minimizing greenhouse gas (GHG) production while creating two valuable resources: clean reuse water and a high-value fertilizer. These high-tech barns promote a healthier growing and work environment.

We aim to retrofit existing agricultural facilities or build barns for the world’s top animal growers, starting with the pork industry. Pork is the number one source of protein, accounting for 38% of the global market, with an annual growth of 5%. In the US market, existing pig grower housing stock continues to age while demand continues to increase, resulting in high market demand for newly built hog barns.

For producers with newer barns, we integrate the Viroment technology and process into the existing barns to accomplish the same objective.