Feeding Spray Dried Plasma (SDP) Improved the Efficacy of a Candidate African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) Vaccine


Spray dried plasma (SDP) is a highly digestible, high-protein ingredient widely used in feed for weaned pigs. The benefits of SDP on growth performance, gut function, and immunity are well known. Previous studies demonstrated that feeding SDP improved mucosa integrity and cell mediated immunity, two important aspects that may help to improve the efficacy of a ASFV vaccine. A study at IRTA-CRESA was conducted to test the theory.

The research is clear: The vaccine candidate BA71ΔCD2 protected pigs against the ASFV wild strain because none of the contact pigs died due to ASFV. However, the nutrition provided by the inclusion of SDP in the diet improved the efficacy of the candidate ASFV vaccine likely by improving mucosa integrity and cell mediated immunity. Thus, vaccinated pigs fed a diet with SDP showed absence of ASFV in blood, fecal swabs, and tissues after challenge with the ASFV Georgia 2007/01 strain. These results offer a novel nutritional strategy using SDP to enhance the efficacy of a candidate ASFV vaccine and improve health status of pigs under ASFV conditions.

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