ENDOVAC-Porci Now Available in Canada!

ENDOVAC; a Novel Vaccine for Prevention of Gram-Negative Swine Diseases.

ENDOVAC-Porci with Immune Plus was launched at the 47th Annual Alberta Pork Congress. ENDOVAC was received with great interest as a new tool to combat gram-negative diseases in swine. “ENDOVAC’s two unique technologies in one bottle explain its success” said Curtis Stutheit, Director of Swine Business at ENDOVAC Animal Health. “It’s core-antigen technology provides protection against multiple gram-negative diseases and the secondary technology, Immune Plus, is an immunostimulant component that enhances the animal’s immune response.” Studies have shown ENDOVAC-Porci to be effective against Salmonella Typhimurium, Salmonella Choleraesuis, K88 E. coli, and Lawsonia Intracellularis.

Many pork producers are currently benefiting from using ENDOVAC-Porci in GDU, pre-
farrow and/or grow finish vaccine protocols. In the USA, Diversified Management Company, a swine consulting veterinary practice, has been using ENDOVAC-Porci in customer vaccine protocols for prevention against various gram-negative diseases since 2018. “I have seen good success with ENDOVAC in gilts, sows, and the g/f pig,” said Dr. Brian Schantz, Owner of Diversified Management Company. “I would see my customer’s use of ENDOVAC continuing to expand based on the success we’ve had.”

ENDOVAC-Porci is available in the USA and Canada through your animal health supplies provider.  Founded in 1983, Endovac Animal Health is a proactive animal health company that is focused on premium science. We maintain a culture that is dedicated to customer-centric integrity and an animals first mentality. Our strong foundation and product demand led us to the opening of a new, state-of-the-art production and manufacturing facility in the summer of 2020.

ENDOVAC Animal Health and ENDOVAC-Porci with Immune Plus are registered trademarks of ENDOVAC Animal Health in the USA and Canada.

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