Swine Diagnostic Extension Service Offers Additional Diagnostic Support for Veterinarians

Farmscape for March 11, 2022

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A new swine diagnostic extension service is providing support for veterinarians in the formulation treatment strategies for swine disease.
In May of 2021 the Western College of Veterinary Medicine partnered with Prairie Diagnostic Services to launch a new swine diagnostic extension service. As part of that service Prairie Diagnostic Services provides the diagnostic analysis and, in complex cases, Dr. John Harding and Dr. Matheus Costa with the Western College of Veterinary Medicine provide additional support to help interpret those findings.
Prairie Diagnostic Services CEO Dr. Yanyun Huang explains the two organizations, which are both located on the campus of the University of Saskatchewan, offer different expertise.

Clip-Dr. Yanyun Huang-Prairie Diagnostic Services:
For PDS we focus on getting the laboratory testings to support regular diagnostics and herd health monitoring. WCVM faculties are typically more focused on discovery and the  clinical practices and clinical sciences so this creates a very good synergy for us to partner together provide this extension service. PDS will be responsible for providing the testing results and now, with the extension service, when we see a need, for example a more complicated case or if a premise submitted multiple samples through a period of time on the same problem and it seems that it will benefit to have one point person to link all the submissions together to provide a more big picture assessment to the client, I think this is a good opportunity for Dr. Harding and Dr. Costa to chime in to provide their expertise.

Dr. Hwang notes the service is being made available at no additional cost.

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