Zhengbang Group’s third batch of 2000 Nucleus GGP arrived in Kunming

After the first batch of 1020 GGP breeding pigs arrived in Kunming on March 8th and the second batch of 1500 GGP breeding pigs arrived in Kunming on July 9th, 4 months later, with the joint efforts of everyone, the third batch of 2000 GGP breeding pigs The breeding pigs arrived at Kunming Changshui International Airport by two charter flights at 22:00 on November 8th and 16:00 on November 9th.

Because of the last 2 batches of selection , Cooperl team and zhengbang team knew each other very well , works together very efficiently, this time the on site selection still done by nucleus team in France , and this time ,it is the largest number of animals shipped in one time that nucleus has handled, the flights were managed by Airbridge cargo which had a lot of experience in the livestock transport area.

In the process of GGP selection in France, we formulate a detailed and complete selection plan, listing the detailed information of each GGP selection farm and attaching the selection photos,The selection work strictly respect the selection standards reached with the customers, communicate closely with the customers. The selection list for the day is given in the evening to customer, completion the selection efficient and high-quality , and do not disappoint customers’ confidence.

With the close cooperation and joint efforts of many parties, the third batch of 2000 GGP arrived safely in Kunming on July 8th and 9th.  Will go to the quarantine farm in Wuding after on-site health inspection.

Face of double pressure of corona-virus, through the joint efforts of many parties, the third batch importation was successfully completed again, especially thanks for customer’s confidence with NUCLEUS , We will continue to uphold our beliefs and continue progress breeding work to contribute to the revival of the Chinese pig industry.