Genesus Announces Major Restructuring with Canada ZF Investments

Genesus, Canada’s sole swine genetic company, announces a strategic restructuring in response to industry consolidation and increased investment needs. Canada ZF Investments will acquire Genesus and its subsidiaries, forming Genesus Genetic Technologies to operate globally.

The swine genetic industry has seen dramatic changes, with major consolidation and increased capital requirements for genetic improvements. Genesus’ global competitors are often publicly traded or backed by substantial government funding. As the only privately owned global swine genetic company focused solely on swine genetics, Genesus is committed to maintaining its independence and advancing its genetic capabilities.

The acquisition by Canada ZF Investments will facilitate Genesus’ quest for enhanced genetic improvement and expanded market presence. The new entity, Genesus Genetic Technologies, will include existing shareholders, senior management, and colleagues from Genesus. Key leadership positions will be held by Jim Long as President and CEO, Mike Van Schepdael as Vice President, and Bob Kemp as Vice President.

Jim Long emphasized the company’s forward-looking approach, quoting Pope John Paul II, “Our future starts today, not tomorrow.” The restructured entity aims to continue providing genetics that ensure superior taste and performance in the swine industry.

Key Points of the Announcement:

  • Industry Evolution: Significant consolidation and increased investment in genetics have transformed the swine genetic industry.
  • Genesus’ Position: Genesus remains the only privately owned global swine genetic company solely focused on swine genetics.
  • Acquisition: Canada ZF Investments will acquire Genesus, leading to the creation of Genesus Genetic Technologies.
  • Leadership: Jim Long (President & CEO), Mike Van Schepdael (Vice President), and Bob Kemp (Vice President) will lead the new entity.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Genesus Genetic Technologies will continue to deliver superior genetic advancements and market presence.