Topigs Norsvin’s approach to enhancing natural robustness pays off

TN Tempo outperforms competition again: highest economic advantage

Results from an independent trial show that TN Tempo-sired finishers outperformed the progeny of two leading competitor sire lines in the US market. TN Tempo progeny had significantly more full-value pigs, higher survival rate, and greater daily gain than either group of competitor-sired pigs. These performance differences resulted in an economic advantage of €6.14 / $7.53 and €1.11 / $1.36 respectively per finisher, compared to the competitor lines. This large-scale scientific research trial was conducted by a major
integrated pork producer in the United States under PRRS-challenged conditions.

The results of this trial confirm the robustness advantage of the TN Tempo, as previously demonstrated in an independent trial in 2018 by the same major integrated pork producer. The results of this trial also showed that the TN Tempo progeny had a higher economic advantage and higher survival rates compared to another major competitor boar line in the US market.

The success of the TN Tempo-sired pigs in these trials demonstrates the effectiveness of Topigs Norsvin’s balanced breeding approach, with an emphasis on robustness. This approach leads to pigs with high performance, high carcass value, and a high survival rate, resulting in direct and significant added value for the producer. Topigs Norsvin’s focus on breeding pigs for enhanced robustness to disease means reduced dependency on antibiotics, less labor, improved animal welfare, and more sustainable pork production.

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