Topigs Norsvin appoints Javier Corchero as General Manager for Spain

Topigs Norsvin is pleased to announce the appointment of Javier Corchero as General Manager for Topigs Norsvin España. Javier Corchero is now deputy general manager of Topigs Norsvin España and will officially assume his new position on March 1, 2021. Javier Corchero will take over from Alfonso Arenillas Lorente who has worked for Topigs Norsvin for over 25 years.
Javier Corchero has more than 12 years of experience in the pig sector, mostly with Topigs Norsvin where he was active for the Spanish and international company. For over a year now he has served as deputy to the general management. Arno van de Laar, regional director Europe: “Javier has a broad knowledge of the Spanish and international
pig business. Together with his managerial skills, he has all the knowledge and experience needed to succeed in his new responsibility and to lead Topigs Norsvin in Spain to an even stronger market position than we have already.”

Alfonso Arenillas Lorente has been linked to Topigs Norsvin since 1995, although not continuously. Throughout his work at Topigs Norsvin, he has held various executive positions and promoted different initiatives that have now crystallized into the company’s continuous growth and successful activities. Arno van de Laar: “Alfonso participated in the creation of what is now Topigs Norsvin España, contributed to he establishment of the first AI centers in Spain, and started several activities that are now basic components of Topigs Norsvin’s identity. I would like to thank Alfonso for leading the successful expansion of
Topigs Norsvin in the Iberian peninsula and other parts of the world. I hope that in the future, we can use his extensive experience of breeding and the pork industry.”