The Hypor Maxter and its contribution to sustainability

The future of the pork industry must include sustainable products and practices. The Hypor Maxter, known as one of the top Piétrain sire lines in the world, delivers high quality piglets, fast-growing and uniform finishers, and more quality meat. Not only does the Hypor Maxter create better economic value, it also supports a more sustainable industry. Find out how the Hypor Maxter contributes to our customers’ success and the success of our industry.

High quality piglets

Piglet quality makes it easy for producers to get the right start. Piglets born at a heavier birth weight are stronger at birth, require less care than smaller pigs, and are more likely to become a full value finisher. They are also more likely to consume enough colostrum and survive to weaning with greater weights. The Hypor Maxter produces uniform piglets with an average birth weight of 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs) and 94% of piglets weigh more than 1 kg (2.2 lbs).

Uniformity of birth weights in combination with heavy birth weights is the recipe for success. The Hypor Maxter has been selected for minimal variation in piglet birth weight. When all piglets are similar weight and size, there is less competition for teats, and they can easily get the same nourishment from the sow.

The sire line has a direct effect on the productivity of your sow herd. The Hypor Maxter provides a quantifiable “piglet boost”. Every litter fathered by the Hypor Maxter will boost the number of piglets (total born, born alive and weaned) by +0.5 to +1.0.

High quality piglets not only contribute to economic sustainability, but also social and environmental sustainability. When the piglets get off to a strong start with heavier, more uniform birth weights, they likely need less human intervention. This is better from animal welfare perspective and is a better use of resources including feed and labor.

Advantage with fast-growing and uniform finishers

Hypor Maxter piglets get off to a great start andthe performance throughout the rest of life is also important. It is proven that the Hypor Maxter produces fast-growing and uniform finishers and is one of the fastest growing Piétrains in the world. This fast growth leads reduces the number of growth days in the barn, more turns per year, and subsequently, more pigs marketed per year. This efficiency reduces costs, contributing to economic and environmental sustainability.

Fast-growing and uniform finishers lead to achieving more Full Value Finishers (FVF). A FVF is defined as any pig placed after weaning that reaches the market and/or slaughterhouse requirements. These FVF optimize the pig value chain, as more pigs reach their full potential with a lower mortality rate than the standard. Labor on your farm can be optimized as it is more likely that each pig cared for will reach market requirements and deliver the most value.

The Hypor Maxter optimizes every stage of growth and the result is better resource use efficiency, including feed and labor, leading to more profits for pig producers.

France 2017 Maxter group 1.jpg

More quality meat for many markets

The Hypor Maxter doesn’t just benefit producers in the barn. Depending on the market there will be different requirements, yet carcasses from Hypor Maxter finishers easily fit many grids. They are consistently in the sweet spot of the grid for lean meat percentage, fat depth, muscle depth, and carcass weight measurements.

Thanks to our breeding program, the Hypor Maxter also shows an advantage on carcass uniformity. With these characteristics, pork producers are set up to receive a high value from their processing facility. For example, in the French market, using a 95 kg (209 lbs) carcass weight, this translates to a bonus of 1.04 € ($1.24 USD) / per pig from the carcass uniformity alone.

An important characteristic of meat quality is drip loss (the loss of liquid from carcasses during storage). Carcasses with a high drip loss can have an unattractive appearance, decreased tenderness of the meat, and reduced amount of meat available for the processor to sell. In multiple trials, carcasses from Hypor Maxter finishers have lower drip loss compared to the competition, resulting in more saleable meat.

From a producer perspective, the Hypor Maxter provides many economic advantages. At every stage, from birth to finish, the performance of the Hypor Maxter delivers the best value to our customers throughout the pork production chain. But when looking closer, the quality of Hypor Maxter pigs contributes to better animal welfare, and resource use, and in the end, a more sustainable swine industry.