The Hypor Magnus: Sustainable from start to finish

The transition from balanced to sustainable breeding is underway. While this concept is overarching for our entire swine breeding program, there are also key components that relate specifically to the different products in our portfolio. The Hypor Magnus not only provides great economic value for our customers, but the Magnus also provides many benefits for social and environmental sustainability. Find out more about how the Hypor Magnus is contributing to a sustainable swine industry.

Quality piglets from the start

The importance of piglet quality is recognized in the entire Hypor product portfolio, without exception for the Hypor Magnus. The piglets are consistently healthy, uniform, and have a heavier birth weight, which give an advantage right from the start! Hypor Magnus piglets are born with an average birth weight of 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs) with 96% weighing more than 1 kg (2.2 lbs). These heavy piglets are more likely to consume enough colostrum, survive to weaning with greater weights, and become full value finishers in fewer days.

Along with heavy birth weights, uniformity in piglet weight is important in producing healthy, high quality pigs. When all piglets are similar weight and size, there is less competition for teats, and they can easily get the same nourishment from the sow. Piglets with heavy and uniform weights will be heavier at weaning and be better able to cope with the stressful time around weaning.

Not only are quality piglets better for the economic sustainability of pork production, but also social sustainability. These strong, high quality piglets will thrive and need less human intervention, which is ideal for animal welfare and consumer acceptance of pork production.

Advantage with efficient and uniform finishers

It’s not only a great start that is important, but also how the pigs perform throughout life. Efficiency and uniformity are critical for the bottom line. Fast, efficient growth with the Hypor Magnus decreases the days to market and reduces the inputs needed for more output. This efficiency reduces costs and is more environmentally sustainable.

Much like uniformity of birth weight, uniformity of pigs from wean to finish is also important. Uniform growth increases the efficiency in all-in/all-out systems, can decrease the time of your shipping window, and even decrease the number of shipments. This offers big advantages in social, environmental, and economic sustainability. Every resource is used efficiently, and the pigs live a productive life from weaning to processing. The Hypor Magnus optimizes every stage of growth and the result is better efficiency in resources including feed and labor, leading to more profits for pig producers.

More quality meat for many markets

The final stage is producing the final consumer product, where swine producers are working towards different requirements around the world. These requirements are readily met with the Hypor Magnus who delivers on a number of factors relating to carcass and meat quality. In carcass yield, the Hypor Magnus has an advantage over competitors, which is important for producers to receive the most value from processing. Not only this, but the pigs are able to hit the “sweet spot” for target carcass weight/yield, fat depth, and muscle depth in many grids across different markets.  In relation to meat quality, these pigs consistently meet or exceed the targets for top quality meat across research and commercial trials. Whether for domestic or export markets, the Hypor Magnus delivers high quality meat, without compromising on efficiency.

The Hypor Magnus is one of the top Duroc sire lines in the world. This sire line produces heavy, uniform piglets right from birth that grow into more full value finishers. When moving to the processing plant, carcasses have greater carcass yield, easily fit many grids, and have a high degree of meat quality. The performance of the Hypor Magnus delivers the best value to our customers throughout the pork production chain. By choosing the Hypor Magnus, you can get the most value in your business, while contributing to a more sustainable swine industry.