Independent trial shows: TN Tempo copes better with PRRS

In an independent trial conducted by a major integrated pork producer in the United States, Topigs Norsvin TN Tempo offspring outperformed the progeny of the leading competitor boar in the US market. Results of the trial showed that TN Tempo offspring had better daily gain and feed efficiency, as well as a significantly higher survival rate, resulting in more marketed pigs. This led to an economic advantage of $9.23 USD per finisher compared to the competitor line. Results from this trial highlight the exceptional attributes of TN Tempo-sired pigs that are “bred for toughness”. The natural robustness, uniformity, and rapid growth rate of TN Tempo-sired pigs describes healthier pigs with improved animal welfare and less dependence on antibiotics. These pigs are easy to manage and drive increased production efficiency and profitability.

Table: Wean to finish performance of Topigs Norsvin TN Tempo vs. current USA market leader under PRRS- challenged conditions

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