Genesus Global Market Report France – July 2019

Genesus Global Market Report
France – July 2019 

Philippe Mallétroit – Director for France, Genesus


Hog Market : prices continue to increase 

The rise in prices that began in early March, resulting from the expansion of African Swine Fever (ASF) in Asia, continues its progression.


After China, the world’s leading pork producer, which has already slaughtered 23% of its breeding stock according to the Chinese government (50% according to local observers), followed Vietnam whose first case of ASF was reported on February 19 and of which today 62 provinces out of 63 are affected, and then 1st case of ASF was reported to a cooperative farm in North Korea at the end of May.

Market price was 1.563 € (per kg carcass) during the last market on July 18 and was 1.283 € during market of March 21, four months earlier. Over this period, the price of finisher pig increased by nearly 22%, or around 26 € per head.


The average carcass weight is decreasing (93.65 kg at the market on July 18), a decrease of 1.6 kg over the past four weeks, reflecting a constantly decreasing supply.

Abrinka BBQ Festival 

On July 20 and 21, a qualifying round of the French Barbecue Championship was held in front of the tourist site of Mont Saint Michel.

In this period, when the terms “vegan”, “no meat” appears more and more in the media, without being representative of the majority of the new consumption habits of the French, it is good to be able to mention this type of event highlighting the cuisine, the meat and especially the quality pork, all in a friendly atmosphere.

On this occasion, the pork cooked was produced by a Genesus customer, with the brand name “Porc Abrinka”. All participants and visitors were able to taste tender and tasty pork meat, resulting from a long work of breeding program.

Genesus team from left to right : Philippe Eonnet, Helena Echberg, Philippe Mallétroit along with Franck Lechat – pig producer and owner of “porc Abrinka”


Genesus Customer Testimonials 

Scea de la Videlais (France)

Weaning at 21 days, on-farm-replacement with Genesus

“We chose Genesus Dam line to improve robustness and have stronger animals than our previous genetic. Today, our sows produce more milk and they are able to raise their piglets till weaning, without to have to use nursing sows. Piglets are heavier and more uniform than before.”


– Franck Lechat – pig producer and owner of “porc Abrinka”

Earl de Beauregard (France)

Weaning at 21 days, supplied with Genesus F1 gilts

“Genesus F1 sow is easy to manage and heating well. During gestation, Genesus sows are calm and they don’t fight. During lactation, it is a sow with good mother abilities who don’t crush piglets. Piglets are heavier and more uniform at birth and at weaning”

2018 Figures on Genesus F1 (1st parity) :

  • 95 % fertility rate,
  • 15.8 total born and
  • 13.6 weaned piglets

-Earl de Beaugregard


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Genesus Global Market Report


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