DNA Genetics Purchases Genetic Nucleus Farm in Canada

DNA Genetics is excited to announce our purchase of a genetic nucleus farm in Canada. The farm, located in Manitoba, will be populated in early 2020.

As our business has grown in Canada, this purchase is a natural progression to supplying the Canadian market with continued genetic improvement. We currently import boars into Canada through two quarantine locations in western and eastern Canada. This has served us and our customers well over the past 15 years, but with our business growth and emerging disease threats this purchase makes logical sense.

The Canadian farm will be populated with all three of our genetic lines: Landrace, Yorkshire, and Duroc.

“DNA Genetics is committed to having the Best People, Best Pig, and Best Genetic Option for pork producers in all the markets we serve,” said Brett Bonwell, CEO of DNA Genetics. “This is a strategic commitment to Canadian pork producers, and this new farm will be instrumental in continuing to provide them with these three pillars of our business.”

About DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics is a producer-owned swine genetics company that truly understands pork production. Our team members are relentlessly committed to the continuous improvement of our genetic lines through individual performance and genomic testing. All of this means a faster rate of genetic progress in both our maternal and terminal lines that’s passed quickly onto our customers. DNA Genetics’ mission is to provide superior value to our customers through high-quality and low-cost genetics designed to meet customers’ needs better than all alternatives.

For more information about DNA Genetics, please visit www.dnaswinegenetics.com