DNA Genetics Launches New Website

Nebraska-based, family-owned swine genetics company, DNA Genetics, recently launched a revamped website. While the overall look and feel of the website is drastically different, the content is still focused on what matters: showcasing the company’s cutting-edge swine genetic advancement program.

“Much like genetics, websites are constantly changing and evolving as technology progresses,” said Kurtis Harms, director of marketing with DNA Genetics. “At DNA Genetics, we’re always striving to improve the overall user experience. Whether current or potential customers prefer to interface with us in-person or online, we want to make each impression a positive interaction.”

At the new DNASwineGenetics.com, visitors can find detailed information on the company’s industry-leading product lines, including the Maternal Line 241 and the Terminal Line 600 Duroc. In addition to an overview on each product line, all current customers will have access to technical resources through the “Support” tab on the new website. Through this link, a series of helpful documents and videos are available to help producers on a variety of issues, from nutrition to biosecurity. From the website, product orders can be made easily through the prominent “Easy Link” tab.

“We’re so proud of our product lines, our genetic program and our people which have propelled DNA Genetics to a dominant leader in swine genetics. Our website is an extension of our commitment to excellence and our core values which shine through on each page. I’d encourage everyone to check out our new site to better understand what sets our business apart from other swine genetics companies,” said Harms.

The new DNA Genetics website is live and can be found by visiting DNASwineGenetics.com. The site was optimized for both desktop and mobile delivery.