Choice US launches the CG36 gilt

On September 3, 2020 Choice officially launched the CG36 gilt in the US through a
virtual webinar. The CG36 is the culmination of the best genes from the M3 Large-White and the M6 Landrace. She was developed with great care and genetic responsibility to meet the growing needs of the US swine industry. The most advanced gilt available, the CG36 has exceptional potential with her unique ability to have a long life and wean as many as 80 pigs in her lifetime.

Beyond the power of the CG36’s maternal instinct, this new gilt is fully in line with the current dynamics of economic and societal sustainability in pig production. She is the expression of the new positioning to which Choice is committed: “Caring of life”. How does this translate into the CG36 sow?

• Through its ethical side, the CG36 preserves resources and supports sustainable breeding: providing a long career, high productivity, 16 functional teats, and low sow mortality. She naturally feeds her own piglets thanks to her developed maternal qualities. No piglet is forgotten! They are born to be weaned

• Thanks to its economic advantages, producers benefit from: less herd replacement, less transport of breeding stock with potentially fewer farm entries which reduces potential exposure to disease, piglets that are raised with little or no assistance in the maternity ward and start out with a healthy 3.1 lb. average birthweight. Finally, the support of Groupe Grimaud’s research platform is a complementary asset in the use of innovative technologies such as DAC, genomics, imaging and big data, allowing accelerated and continuous genetic progress.