CG36 Newsletter and Launch Video

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Choice US is excited to bring the CG36 from the headquarters in France to the US. This line was developed, tried, and proven there internally as well as externally. As the US industry is still sorting through volatility on many levels this year, the CG36 offers socially responsible genetics that are economically sustainable. Lower mortality rates, longevity, mild temperament, functional teats, and healthy piglets born alive all translate into much needed characteristics for today and tomorrow.

Choice US has started a new chapter of building a strong leadership foundation for the future. Since the end of 2019 you may have seen new faces. We’ve had several new colleagues join our team including the General Manager, Controller, National Sales Manager, Genetics Systems Manager and the on boarding last month of our Key Account Manager. I invite you to get to know our colleagues and how engaged they are to serve our customers. You can find more details on page 6 of our newsletter.

This new and upcoming culture inspired by these additions is based on passion for the pork industry and the customers we serve. Adversity provides the opportunity for success and Choice US has seen its fair share of trying times forcing everyone to step forward and be part of the solution. Sometimes this means a new look is needed to strengthen the efforts for success with new faces and new products. Teamwork and team spirit are in the heart of our philosophy with Caring for our Team, part of our mission statement Caring for Life.

Building on the Caring for Life mission statement, we have an added attraction. Contact us regarding new paternal breeding options coming early 2021! Let us partner with you on the future as we focus on the genetics we have available backed by a tremendous representation of people caring for life!

Download the complete Newsletter