Better Strategy, Better Success

The Hypor Libra* is already an efficient sow that can give you more quality pigs with less labour. With more quality pigs from Hypor Libra*, you can expect to wean 30+ piglets with a high survival rate. Uniform, heavy birthweights give these piglets a strong start in life and better performance all the way to market with high daily gain and superior carcass quality.

The stayability of the Hypor Libra* means she stays in the herd longer and weans more piglets per sow lifetime. The weaning capacity and mothering ability of the Hypor Libra* will reduce the need for cross-fostering and piglet management in the farrowing room – reducing the labor needs, giving you more time and more money for you to run your business.

Our technical experts have worked closely with several of our customers to combine research and reproductive physiology with our Hypor Libra* to create a customized mating management strategy. Reach out to your local Hypor representative to learn more about the strategy.

Quick Tips for Effective Matings


  • Appropriate quarantine and adaptation of new gilts at entry
  • Adequate boar exposure to stimulate estrus (after 180 days of age)

Target for gilts at 1st insemination

  • Age: 250 days minimum
  • Weight: 150 kg (331 lb) minimum
  • Back fat: 15 mm (0.59 in) minimum
  • Adaptation to gestation crates for at least 3 weeks before insemination

Target for sows at 1st insemination post-weaning

  • 13 mm (0.52 in) backfat
  • Minimize fluctuations in body condition through gestation-lactation cycles

When following the new mating strategy, it is easy to see the benefits:

Total Born Farm 1 (all parities) Farm 2 (all parities) Farm 3 (all parities)
Prior to strategy implementation 15.3 15.6 15.4
Post implementation 16.3 16.5 16.4
Improvement in Total Born +1.0 +0.9 +1.0

This enhanced mating strategy can give you more quality piglets at her next farrowing – in addition to the genetic progress you have come to expect from Hypor.

If you’re interested in maximizing performance on your farm by using our mating strategy please contact you local representative today or email