A perfect match brings the original Danish pig breeding system back to Canada

The Canadian pig genetics company Alliance Genetics Canada and the Danish pig genetics company DanBred have entered into a valuable collaboration to establish DanBred Canada.

The same trusted partner you already know, but now with more than 120 years of breeding work behind us. Alliance Genetics Canada is proud to announce its collaboration with the leading, international pig genetics company, DanBred, to establish DanBred Canada. The Canadian pig producers get direct access to the world’s best breeding engine through the local hands that they already trust.

The goal of the establishment of DanBred Canada is to continue to provide excellent service and high-quality breeding animals to the Canadian pig producers, as both companies have the needs of the pig producers as the very foundation of the business. The established customer base in Canada will gain from an even stronger R&D engine, while still interacting with the experts they already know from Alliance Genetics Canada.

The collaboration is a natural extension of Alliance Genetics Canada’s ambitious objective to always work towards making its customers more successful. The company has the highest health and biosecurity standards in the industry, which aligns perfectly with DanBred’s most important focus areas. Lasse Bjørn Jensen, Regional Sales Manager of the Americas in DanBred, declares: “We’re very excited about this partnership. It was actually quite easy to agree on the collaboration with Alliance Genetics Canada, because we share the same values, e.g., ensuring the largest profitability for the pig producers and a strong focus on high health and biosecurity.”

For more than 120 years, DanBred’s professional R&D department has focused on genetic improvements to optimize pig breeding worldwide – and annually, € 20 mil. goes into this R&D work. The continuous progress has resulted in the most productive breeding animals in the world, producing maximum output with minimum input. The large breeding engine behind the genetics company is evident from the results: DanBred’s dam lines produce large viable litters, and DanBred Duroc has high daily gain, superior feed efficiency, and excellent meat quality. DanBred genetics have improved at a rapid rate over many years – and these advancements are only available from the original pig genetics from Denmark. This is what the professional pig producers in Canada will now gain access to through DanBred Canada.

DanBred Canada is grateful to continue to work alongside the three families VistaVilla Genetics, Sand Ridge Genetics, and Clarion Swine Genetics. The collaboration between the two genetics companies will give the customers local access to the solid breeding engine that is DanBred. Alliance Genetics Canada becomes a part of DanBred’s world-class breeding system: “Our focus is always on how to better the product we deliver to our customers, and this partnership is what we needed to take our local expertise the next step,” says Dave Vandenbroek, CEO of DanBred Canada. On top of that, DanBred will benefit from Alliance Genetics Canada’s strong position as a trusted partner with solid knowledge of the Canadian pig industry.

This alliance will ensure increased efficiency and profit for the Canadian pig producers as they get access to DanBred’s strong R&D engine. It is a great advantage that DanBred Canada will not be starting from scratch but can instead build on top of years of focused work in the market as well as solid, local partnerships.

Current and potential customers in Canada can reach out directly to Dave Vandenbroek at dave@alliancegeneticscanada.ca or +1 519 673 9574 to discuss future business opportunities.

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