2023 Swine Hall of Fame Inductee: William “Bill” Prestage

William “Bill” Prestage

Prestage Farms is a multi-generational family-owned and operated turkey and pork producer and processor. Our foundation was laid with the innovative turkey production practices that Bill Prestage pioneered in the 1960s in a business that came to be known as Carroll’s Foods. These innovations included housing animals inside to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for their healthy growth, establishing mutually beneficial contracting relationships with local growers, and creating a vertically integrated production process to ensure consistently high-quality products that customers could trust. Bill Prestage eventually made these practices the cornerstone of his own turkey production business—in 1983, he and his wife, Marsha, and their sons Scott and John established Prestage Farms.

Those proven practices and an unwavering commitment to excellence have made Prestage Farms an industry leader. Today, the company produces and processes turkey and pork with a dedicated team of employees and growers across the South, the Southeast, and the Midwest. While Prestage Farms has grown and continues to change—always implementing new innovations in animal care, sustainability, and business operations—our commitment to responsibly producing top-quality turkey and pork endures.