Unlocking the Benefits of Guanidinoacetic Acid for Swine – Dr. Balachandar Jayaraman

Have you ever heard about Guanidinoacetic Acid (GAA) and its benefits to swine performance? As an essential precursor in creatine synthesis, GAA contributes to the development of muscles, the metabolism of energy, and the maintenance of amino acid metabolism. With that in mind, understanding the strategic use of GAA in swine feeding is critical to optimize feed efficiency, promote healthy weight gain, and ensure high-quality pork products. To discuss that, I have a conversation with Dr. Balachandar Jayaraman, who has conducted research in that field. In this episode, he talks about the dynamics of GAA and how its addition to animal nutrition plays a crucial role in supporting swine performance.

“GAA has improved not only growth performance, but also carcass quality – especially lean meat. It has also reduced backfat thickness.” – Dr. Balachandar Jayaraman