Talkin’ PRRS | Dr. Brandi Burton & Dr. Amanda Reever

About the Guest

Dr. Amanda Reever was raised on a cattle, hog, and grain operation in Algona, IA, where she developed her interest in animal production and medicine. She received her DVM from Iowa State University in 2022, alongside a Master’s degree in Veterinary Preventive Medicine. Dr. Reever began working for Suidae right out of veterinary school, and she now resides with her husband in Manson, Iowa.

Dr. Brandi Burton is originally from Mt. Prospect, IL, a suburb of Chicago and attended the University of Illinois where she received a BS in Animal Sciences 2015 and her DVM in 2019. Shortly after graduation, she moved to Iowa to start her career with Suidae. Dr. Burton splits her time between veterinary services and field research. She currently resides with her family in Humboldt, IA.

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • How the industry needs to discuss PRRS status and health between vets, producers, caretakers, allied partners, etc.
  • The difference of RFLP vs lineage vs phylogenetic trees and dendrograms.
  • The technologies in use to better compare PRRS sequences.
  • What the future of PRRS strains and discussions look like.
  • Dr. Reever & Dr. Burton’s “golden nuggets”