SwineTime Podcast Ep. 32: Getting Started in Pig Farming

Passion, commitment and networking; words used to describe the lifestyle of a pig farmer throughout this episode of SwineTime. Are you or someone you know interested in pig farming? In the 32nd episode, Dr. Spencer Wayne visits with Dr. Barry Kerkaert, President of Pipestone Management, and Justin Roelofs, Chief Financial Officer for Pipestone Management. Together, they discuss the steps and characteristics needed to begin a journey in pig production.

Whether you are interested in starting your own operation or are in a position to take over a family operation, this podcast will prepare you with some simple do’s and don’ts to take into consideration.

SwineTime podcast was created for the pork industry and individual pork producers around the country. Hosted by Dr. Spencer Wayne with Pipestone Veterinary Services, the podcast contains pork industry news, advancements in animal care and how to enhance your productivity. Monthly podcasts are available on Spotify, Google Music, ITunes, Anchor and on Pipestone.com.