Swine Trends Podcast #8 Innovative Approaches to Optimize Pig Health and Feeding Strategies – Dr. Eric Weaver

Join us for Episode #8 of the APC Swine Trends Podcast! Our host, Dr. Joe Crenshaw from the APC team, welcomes Dr. Eric Weaver from South Dakota State University. This episode dives deep into animal nutrition and immunity. Dr. Weaver shares insights on the potential for growth and genetic advancements in swine. He discusses challenges like maternal antibodies and managing pig immunity post-weaning. Discover how high-quality early nutrition, careful immune management, and timely vaccination can lead to healthier, stress-free pigs. Don’t miss out on the latest trends and research in swine health and nutrition. Tune in to the “Swine Trends Podcast”!

“The best time to make a slightly larger investment in feed is during the first two weeks. I think that’s when we have the opportunity to keep the pig’s’ immune system balanced.” – Dr. Eric Weaver

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