Swine Doc Pod with Carthage: PRRS Update with Dr. Cesar Corzo, Episode 13

We are joined by Dr. Cesar Corzo of the University of Minnesota to talk about our old enemy, PRRS. In his role as the Allen D Leman Chair, Swine Health and Productivity, Dr. Corzo routinely interacts with industry stakeholders to keep his pulse on industry challenges and opportunities. Cesar leads the MSHMP project which monitors both prevalence and incidence of PRRS in the United States sow herd. We chat about how this data can be used to objectively determine if this PRRS season is “different” as well as how we can look at the data to see how our PRRS management decisions are impacting PRRS outcomes. Dr. Corzo shares his insights on the latest PRRS mutant to threaten our industry, the 144 Lineage 1C PRRS strain. We talk about the recombination events that lead to the creation of these new mutant viruses and how discouraging it can be for the industry that so many sows remain infected with wild type PRRS viruses. We share a glimmer of hope for a more successful future in discussing the technology behind the PRRS resistant pig and wrap up by educating the audience on how they can get involved in the MSHMP project going forward.