Swine Doc Pod With Carthage, Episode 11, The Modern Swine Vet Experience

Dr. Megan Bloemer joins us to share her personal journey into the world of swine production and veterinary medicine. Dr. Megan didn’t grow up on a pig farm and until college really didn’t know a lot about the swine industry. Her journey is similar to many of our professions best and brightest, she was an exceptional student who got exposed to our industry through a willing mentor (The great Dr. Laura Greiner!) and through her exposure found the passion for pigs that collectively unites our industry. Dr. Megan explains how students can find mentors through internship programs at both the undergraduate and veterinary school stages. She talks in detail about the variety of different experiences she sought out to gain perspective on the industry and her tips for students on how to network, even if you’re naturally introverted. We learn about Dr. Megan’s year in production, what it taught her and how it makes her a better veterinarian today because of the skills she learned working hand in hand with our on farm employee teams. Whether you’re a student interested in swine medicine or a grizzled industry veteran, please give this episode a listen to understand the journey of “The Modern Swine Vet Experience”.