Swine Doc Pod with Carthage, Data Management – Rethinking Our Approach, Episode 8

Dr. Aaron Lower joins us to share his passion for improving the quality of information available to pig producers to support quality decision making. Aaron shares his experiences in the Executive Veterinary Program at the University of Illinois and how he learned about data management. We talk about how to merge different software systems in a “common data model” and use systems such as Power BI to create customized reports and dashboards specific to each producer. Data collection and entry is key, Aaron shares how he sees progressive producers using mobile entry platforms to enter sow data via QR codes to eliminate problems with data accuracy. We also discuss sensor technologies and the transition from “Hardware purchases” to more subscription based approaches to new technology introduction into the farm. Aaron is passionate about making sure his producers are on the cutting edge of data collection and management so they can make most efficient use of the available information to make better decisions and ultimately improve throughput in their operations.