Swine Doc Pod With Carthage: Attracting and Retaining Talent Through Culture, Episode 6

We get to interview two excellent guests, Ted Ufkes and Dr. Beau Peterson as they share their thoughts on how to both attract and retain talent through the culture of your business. Ted & Beau give us insight into the “Farm First” culture they collectively strive to create in the Carthage System while talking us through how you can make accountability a key part of your business culture. We dive into discussions about how to set up metrics to create both accountability and ownership and how important our Farm Managers are to the success of any pork production operation. In addition to the office and farm culture, we talk about how culture extends into community engagement and what that means to employee engagement and ultimately, employee retention. With “The Great Resignation” providing labor challenges throughout every industry and business environment, I think you’ll find this a must listen for any business leaders looking to create a positive culture that creates engaged employees.

Dr. Beau Peterson

Ted Ufkes