Swine 365 Episode 5, November 2023

In the upcoming Episode 5, we dive into the market challenges, finding a silver lining on the horizon. Clemens Food Group secures approval for a parking lot expansion, a strategic move amidst a pork production surge. Meanwhile, North 49 Foods unveils a cutting-edge Sow Processing Plant in Moose Jaw, a game-changer for the Canadian Pork Industry.

Staying true to Swine 365’s distinctive style, we kick off the episode with a comprehensive roundup of the latest Swine news headlines, offering an insider’s look at the freshest developments in the swine industry. Alongside, we feature recent product releases, highlight engaging podcasts, and introduce you to noteworthy figures making waves in the industry.

Adding a unique flair to this episode, we present a double guest segment. Our first guest is Michaela Braun, Senior Liquid Systems and Sales Specialist from Novus International. Michaela shares valuable insights about her new role and everything related to Feed Additives.

In the second part of our double guest feature, we welcome Kale Causemaker, Senior Director at Innovative Solutions. Kale provides a high-level overview of the current technology portfolio, insights into the technology pipeline, and details about the novel technologies they are currently developing.

Stay tuned for Episode 5, where we explore these compelling topics and bring you the latest, most relevant information from the world of swine farming. Swine 365 remains your trusted source for all things swine-related.