Revolutionizing Pork Production: The Impact of Agricultural Technologies

Dr. David Rosero

In his role as technical officer at the Hanor Company, Dr. David Rosero is working to advance sow nutrition and to create feeding programs that maximize the lifetime productivity and profitability of sows.

What happens when technology and the swine industry collide? Dr. David Rosero, a technical officer at the Hanor Company, joins the Ag Future podcast to discuss the latest game-changing technologies in the field, such as cameras for estimating pig weights and sensors for measuring feed consumption. Listen to learn how these technologies are creating opportunities for innovation and increasing efficiency in the industry.

The following is an edited transcript of the Ag Future podcast episode with Dr. David Rosero hosted by Tom Martin. Click below to hear the full audio or listen to the episode on Apple PodcastsSpotify or Google Podcasts.