Podcast: Mom Life – What The Pig! Series

In the second part of our series on women in the swine industry, we visit with three incredible women with various careers however, they all have one thing in common…they are all moms.

Our guests for this episode are: Amanda Minton, Sara Hough and Whitney Lincoln.
Many of the women in our industry are also moms so this episode is dedicated to them. With this episode, we hope to shed light on the negative stigma that exists within our industry and many other industries around family leave, PTO, and health leave. Some of the conversation in this episode is around the feeling of having to choose between our families and our careers when there should be no need to choose one or the other. In recent years, we have proven that this balance can exists with more options for flexible work. We hope our listeners will enjoy this episode from the perspective of moms and that our listeners who are leaders in the industry will take the time to evaluate their ideals around employees who are moms. With that said, we hope the ideas and conversations in this episode are not limited to moms but to all employees. At The Real P3, we firmly believe that allowing employees to achieve a work life balance and maintain a high quality of life is the foundation of high performing individuals.