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Hinson talks EATS Act and the consequences of Prop 12

In response to government overreach from Proposition 12, Iowa Congresswoman Ashley Hinson and Iowa Congressman Zach Nunn have introduced the bicameral Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression (EATS) Act. At its core, the movement surrounding Prop 12 seeks to limit livestock production by placing arbitrary, unfounded rules and regulations on it. Hinson said that America’s pig farmers have animal welfare at the forefront of their minds, so livestock production needs to be based on their science-based decisions.

In the previous decision from the Supreme Court, Justice Neil Gorsuch said, “Congress has yet to adopt any statute that might displace Proposition 12 or other laws regulating pork production in other states.” Hinson said the EATS Act addresses that deficiency and will ensure that Iowa farmers can continue to produce high quality food in the best possible manner while also protecting interstate commerce.

Animal rights groups are trying to hail Prop 12 as a victory for animal welfare, but it will have massive consequences on consumers. Hinson said low-income families, who are less food secure, will see the biggest issues with the increased prices that will result from Prop 12.

Additionally, Hinson said that allowing Prop 12 to stand would set a dangerous precedent for future legislation.

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