From Music to Food: A Culinary Journey with Pork | Eddie Zamora

About the Guest

Eddie Zamora is an international foodie, Cuban home cook and former Judge on the TV family competition series Dinner Takes All on BYUtv. The twelve episode series was produced by Keller/Noll, the creators of Food Network’s Chopped and Chopped Junior.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Eddie received inspiration from my parents both fled the island of Cuba for a better life in the United States.

His first broadcasting gig was as one of the hosts on an interactive Latino oriented talk show “Chat” on NBC Mun2. This international exposure to the Latino community inspired to always keep my Latin heritage close to heart to continue to connect with his roots.

After moving to Los Angeles Eddie began traveling the globe in search of foods, drinks, tastes, and places that inspire him. These travels motivated his self-taught cocktail and cooking career. TheYumYumFoodie is a platform to connect with brands and to share all of these experiences with his audience. He’s collaborated with several brands including Toyota, Lexus, Norwegian Cruise Line, Pepsi, American Airlines, Stella Artois, Got Milk, Napa Valley Vintners, The National Pork board, Don Francisco’s Coffee, Café La Llave, Johnsonville, Mazola, Cazadores Tequila, Angel’s Envy Bourbon, Marriott, Movember, and McCormick Spices to name a few. Currently the host of Apple Podcast’s top 30 food/drink podcast “Kill The Bottle” and is one of the judges on the BYUtv cooking competition show “Dinner Takes All.” Most recently he was one of the hosts of the NBC daytime food talk show “The Tastiness.”

His Latin passion and heritage are what inspire him to share foodie life or #VidaFoodie with the world. Eddie will always bring an honest, irreverent, and “No holds barred” approach to life and work.

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Eddie Zamora

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig:

  • Pork in Cuban Culture: Eddie Zamora grew up in a Cuban-American household in Miami, where pork was a central part of celebrations and traditional dishes.
  • Transition from Music to Food: Eddie comes from a musical background but found his passion for food through a series of life events, including working in high-end catering and traveling to Spain.
  • Food Travel and Inspiration: Eddie’s travels to Spain, particularly Barcelona, played a significant role in his culinary journey.
  • Connecting Food with Tradition: Eddie emphasizes the importance of tradition in cooking, sharing how certain foods and recipes remind him of home.
  • Eddie’s “Golden Nugget”: Eddies’ golden nugget or life wisdom.