Experiencing Streptococcus Zooepidemicus (Strep Zoo) | Dr. Ryan Tenbergen and Dr. Matheus Costa

About the Guests

Dr. Matheus Costa is a veterinarian scientist with a focus on the pathophysiology of diseases in species of veterinary interest, particularly swine. He is Assistant Professor of swine health management at the University of Saskatchewan, and Adjunct Professor at Utrecht University. He holds a DVM, PhD in veterinary microbiology and is also a board-certified swine health veterinarian. Matheus and his team are particularly interested in diseases to which antimicrobials are the only tool available for prevention and treatment. His work has focused on Brachyspira (the agent of swine dysentery), and more recently streptococci (S. zooepidemicus and S. suis). He was part of the team that first associated a new Brachyspira species with swine dysentery, and identified the emergence of S. zooepidemicus in pigs in North America.

Dr. Ryan Tenbergen graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2016 and joined Demeter Veterinary Services currently supporting farms in Ontario. He has authored and co-authored scientific papers in the areas of swine disease and management as well as delivered oral presentations at scientific conferences and swine production meetings. He remains highly involved in industry groups to support producers and is past president for both provincial and national swine veterinarian organizations.

Matheus Costa
Matheus Costa
Ryan Tinbergen
Ryan Tenbergen

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • Strep Zoo Insights: Dr. Matheus Costa explains the adaptability and dangers of Strep Zoo in various animals, highlighting its high mortality rates.
  • Veterinary Paths: Discover how Dr. Ryan Tenbergen and Dr. Matheus Costa transitioned into swine health from different initial interests.
  • Outbreak Challenges: Dr. Tenbergen shares experiences from a severe Strep Zoo outbreak on a farm, emphasizing its rapid impact and control difficulties.
  • Treatment Hurdles: Discussion on the complexities of treating Strep Zoo, including issues with antimicrobial resistance.
  • Human Carriers and Biosecurity: Exploring the role of human carriers in Strep Zoo transmission and its implications for farm biosecurity.
  • Swine Industry Impact: Insights into how Strep Zoo affects the swine industry, including potential misdiagnosis risks.
  • Biosecurity Strategies: Recommendations for effective biosecurity practices to mitigate Strep Zoo risks in swine farms.
  • Expert’s Golden Nugget: A key piece of wisdom or insight from the experts’ extensive experience in swine health.