Evolving with the Times: Navigating Change in the Pork Industry | Larry Bertrand

About the Guest

Larry’s background has been in farming and the pork industry of some kind his entire life. His parents still have the linear family farm that has been in the Bertrand’s name since 1876. Larry spent numerous years in the packing side of the pork industry in the procurement / management side of companies such as Oscar Mayer, Cargill / Excel , IBP/Tyson , Triumph Foods , JBS, from 1982 through 2019.

Larry found the love of his life and his forever partner Chris, and they were married in 2016. The two of them with their blended family have three children and two grandchildren. Chris has really enjoyed being included and being part of all the pork families and industry friends. Prior she had no experience or background in farming or the pork industry till she met Larry. Chris is now extremely involved in their business, understands the pork industry , can speak about hot pork topics , and is a CO-CEO of their business.

After many years of devotion to Pork Industry Companies , Chris suggested to Larry let us start our own business where we can give back and be helpful to all of pork families we have called our friends over the many years. That is when and how in 2019, we formed and started Pork Friendly B.M.LLC. This business is bonded and licensed to help families trade their ISO Weaners , Feeder Pigs , Cull Sows , and Market loads. We also negotiate packer contracts for families with packers, and from other pork operations to connect with one and other. We also recently teamed with an outstanding Indiana family to sell solar ag projects and appreciate our friendship with Jeremy Lipinski and his family and his company Emergent Solar Energy . We welcome all to please check out  http://porkfriendlybm.com

Chris and Larry Bertrand, then in 2021 decided to form another company that would become Swine Alliance Group – S/A/G . This company consists of a network of knowledgeable industry leaders. The Partner’s goal is to become a one stop shop for those families and operations in the pork industry. We welcome all to please check out https://www.swinealliancegroup.com

Chris and Larry Bertrand

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • The evolution of pork production from small family operations to larger, more integrated systems, illustrating the importance of adaptability and growth in the industry.
  • Insights into the challenges and dynamics of working in various sectors of the pork industry, from farm management to procurement and consulting, highlighting the breadth of opportunities and hurdles.
  • The impact of economic factors, like interest rates and market shifts, on farming operations, emphasizing the need for financial acumen and strategic planning in agriculture.
  • The significance of networking and building relationships in the pork industry, demonstrating how collaboration and partnerships can enhance business opportunities and support.
  • Larry’s “golden nugget”