Episode 10 Swine Doc Pod with Carthage, Nutrition and Health Crossroads

Dr. Will Fombelle with Carthage Veterinary Service, LTD stops by the podcast studio to chat with us about a recent case he dealt with involving a combination of nutrition and health opportunities. Dr. Will shares his case study about a nursery facility with increased mortality, as he started digging into the case he quickly realized this was a “Zebra” and not a “Horse”. Engaging with nutrition experts, Will was able to submit a variety of diagnostic samples to help him diagnose both infectious disease agents as well as nutritional disease challenges. Will chats about the importance of having a well rounded education and how we as swine veterinarians can work as “extension agents” for other technical experts who aren’t as fortunate to be able to visit pig farms as regularly as the veterinarian. We end with some well deserved shout outs to mentors who have helped shaped our respective professional careers.