Coffee in the Barn Podcast 2. Farm Experience, Vets in the Industry and Tips after Graduating

Have you ever considered how gaining experience or how the experience you already have can benefit your career? Today technical service veterinarians, Dr. David Nolan and Dr. Sara Hough share with us how having on the farm experience can accelerate your career!

In this episode we will listen to a segment of the webinar ‘’How important is on the farm experience in the role of veterinarians’’ and how Dr Nolan and Dr Hough share their experiences on the farm with our founder, as well as a few tips on what should be your next steps after graduating and looking for a career in the animal science work force.

What You’ll Learn

●     The importance of the Farming Experience

●     The Roll of the Veterinarian in the Farming Indurstry

●     Tips and advices to expand your resume in the Farming Business after graduating

About our Founder:

Casey Bradley PhD is an Experienced Animal Scientist and Nutritionist that has worked with swine, poultry, ruminants, and pets. Specialties include product development, technical writing, and presentations, research, technical sales, mentoring, and networking. Academic training includes nutrition, immunology, and animal wellbeing. She has presented at large conferences in USA, Canada, Greece, and Denmark. Work experience includes farm management, research management, technical service and sales, regulatory, project management, and employee management.

About the Guest:

Dr. Sara Hough, DVM is a swine technical services veterinarian with DSM Nutritional Products.  She joined DSM in August 2019. In her role as regional technical services manager, Hough provides field technical support and assists with research opportunities in swine health and nutrition.

Prior to joining DSM, Hough spent eight years as a swine production veterinarian at Prestage Farms, the fifth largest pork producer in the United States, where she was responsible for the health and welfare of the pigs in the Prestage system.

Dr. Hough has professional memberships with the American Association of Swine Veterinarians, North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association and American Veterinary Medical Association. She also served on the National Pork Board Swine Health Committee for four years.


Dr. David Nolan has spent his life in swine production and medicine. After raising pigs on a farrow-to-finish operation for over 10 years he completed veterinary school at Kansas State University. Dr. Nolan then worked for an integrated pork system for 2 decades managing health, nutrition, milling, R&D, and marketing. Dr. Nolan joined Huvepharma as Senior Veterinarian in 2013 and continues to serve producers and veterinarians in his current position.

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