Swineweb.com creates a Swine Hall of Fame, the first two inductees are announced.

Celebrating a Swine Industry leader is now going to be a yearly event through the inaugural launch of the Swine Hall of Fame on Swineweb.com.  The goal is to recognize leaders and excellence in our industry and celebrate them through this special and dedicated forum.

The format will work as follows. In year one we will induct two members to the Hall of Fame, and the following years one to three people depending on many factors, which may include a list of potential nominees followed by a vote for induction.  The Swine Hall of Fame will start as a virtual Hall of Fame with the idea to expand to a physical location.  Each inductee will receive a plaque to honor their service, and be recognized through an induction, and media interviews.

2023 Inductees are as follows:

Bill Prestage Pork Producer, Prestage Farms, North Carolina

Joe Connor Veterinarian & Founder, Carthage Veterinary Service, Illinois

Swineweb.com’s founder Jim Eadie said, “We should take pride in the leaders and innovators that helped shape how we Feed the world. There is a true science, devotion and entrepreneur spirit taken to improve systems and the food chain in our industry. The Swine Industry is so intricate and greats should be celebrated in our industry with the ability to educate and grow interest outside of the industry. It is time we bring these stories, and legends to light and honor them for their success and how they paved the way.”

Visit Swineweb.com for everything you need to know in the Pork Industry and Swinehalloffame.com to visit the Swine Hall of Fame.