The wait is over with on-demand feeding

When you’re hungry, food is all that will brighten your mood. The same goes for your sows. With an on-demand feeding system, lactating sows get the feed they want, when they want it for efficient feeding and less feed waste.

“Everything is fully automated and based on the needs of the sow,” says Rik Bogaert and Nancy Verhaege of the Farrowing Feeding with wireless Activator system. The duo installed the system across their farrowing operation of 350 sows.

See their story to learn how Nedap Farrowing Feeding with wireless Activator results in heavier piglets, shorter weaning to breeding intervals and better conditioned sows leaving the farrowing pens.

Nedap Farrowing Feeding with wireless Activator allows sows to trigger the feeder with their snout. With demand-driven snack-sized feed portions, you can turn hungry sows into happy sows.

The Nedap wireless Activator gives you a tool to help increase feed intake during lactation, when a sow’s daily nutrient requirements are 3x higher than during gestation.

Sows get 24/7 precision feeding. You get peace of mind knowing your sows’ feed intake is maximized.

Find labor efficiency on the farm.

Do more with less labor

Minimizing labor time in farrowing can save up to $28 per sow per year. For 1,000 sows, that’s $28,000 per year. Figures like that are hard to ignore. Don’t let a labor shortage shortchange your sows.

Here are four ways Nedap Farrowing Feeding with wireless Activator helps make labor more efficient:

1. Automated, on-demand feeding
2. Manage farrowing diets from a central device
3. Monitor sow feed intake and get alerts if sows don’t eat
4. Minimize feed waste

Maximize your ROI and reduce labor costs.

Find labor efficiency