It’s like snack time for sows

Late-night snacking. Midafternoon munching. Small snacks throughout the day keep you energized and happy. The same goes for your sows.

Hungry, lactating sows no longer must wait for feeding time. Now they can benefit from on-demand snacking with the new Nedap Farrowing Feeding with wireless Activator system. Demand-driven  fresh feed helps to meet each sow’s nutritional needs.

A sow triggers her feeder to automatically receive small, snack-sized portions of fresh feed anytime she wants, stimulating her appetite and milk production. This Nedap technology improves sow and pig performance, not to mention your bottom line:

• Less feed waste
• Improved body condition for faster farrowing recovery and rebreeding
• Increased litter size and weaning weights
• Reduced farrowing pen mortality
• Automated alerts for quicker treatment of sick sows

Say goodbye to wasted feed. Say hello to the latest in sow feeding technology.

Do your sows have the right BCS?

One in three sows is not in proper condition

Picture this: Three sows are lying next to each other. Two have optimal body condition scores. One does not.

For every 1,000 sows, one-third are over- or under-conditioned. Sows out of condition can result in challenges such as poor reproduction rates and excess feed costs.

The financial impact of poor body condition averages $90 per head, which equates to approximately $30,000 per 1,000 sows.

But what if those sows are automatically weighed each day at the feeding stations? What if animals that are too lean or too fat get immediate feed curve adjustments?

You don’t need to imagine it. Technology and automated feeding are here, and they can help you achieve maximum results for the best in sow performance.

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