Indiana Pork Names Award Winners

Producer Meritorious Service Award winner Randy Salsbery (on left) being presented his award by Tipton County pig farmer Keith Schoettmer.

Indiana Pork recently presented three awards to individuals who have dedicated much time to advancing the pig industry.

Randy Salsbery was the recipient of the Producer Meritorious Service Award. The farm includes Randy’s wife, two brothers, sister, two sons, and two nephews, most of whom worked off-farm before returning home to farm together. Randy is an Indiana University graduate and worked as a CPA before returning home to farm with his family. He is active in his church and enjoys serving through those ministries.

Indiana Pork awarded its Industry Meritorious Service Award to Dr. Bill Beranek. He holds multiple advanced degrees and works actively with the Indianapolis Water Company and the Indianapolis Sewage Company to provide technical advice on changing regulations for each group. As an environmental mediator, Dr. Beranek has brought pig farmers and those against the expansion of the pork industry to the same table to develop plans where everyone could work together. Dr Beranek helped mediate livestock expansion plans in Randolph County, which his award nominators recognized him for.

Brian Homan received the Contract Grower Award. Brian raises contract hogs in Pennville, IN for Oracle Pork. Brian built his first barns in 2002 and followed with more barns being built in 2006 and in 2018. He says the best thing about having his contract barns is that it allows his young children to be involved and to make it a true family operation.

Indiana Pork also recognized retiring board members Heather Hill, Hancock County, for her years of service to the Indiana pork industry.

Indiana Pork is a not-for-profit association representing Indiana’s nearly 3,000 family pork farmers through the pork checkoff program. 

Industry Meritorious Service Award winner Dr. Bill Beranek (on left) being presented his award by Putnam County pig farmer Mark Legan.

Indiana Pork Contract Grower Award winner Brian Homan (on left) being presented his award by Aaron Anderson with Oracle Pork.