The Canadian Pork Council applauds Bill C-359, urges Parliamentary support for food security improvements, increased competitiveness for farming sector

The Canadian Pork Council (CPC) is today adding its voice to other groups supporting Bill C-359, An Act to amend the Feeds Act, the Seeds Act and the Pest Control Products Act (provisional registration and approval).

This private member’s bill, introduced by Nova Scotia MP Kody Blois, will improve access to new seed, feed, antimicrobials, and crop protection products for Canadian farmers. This initiative has been championed by the agriculture sector across the country to achieve more competitiveness.

“On behalf of more than 8,000 pork producers, we support MP Blois’s efforts to leverage the science of other trusted jurisdictions as part of the regulatory process,” said CPC Chair, René Roy.

Bill C-359 would allow farmers to have timely access to crop inputs such as feed, seed, antimicrobials, and products for use in pest management, while maintaining Canada’s regulatory requirements, to help producers remain competitive in the global market.

To continue to be a leader in the food production chain, producers must have the safest and best access to the products they need, when they need them, to remain competitive.

“By trusting the science and regulatory processes of trusted partners, Canadian pork farmers can remain competitive by gaining access to cutting edge technology and access to diverse markets,” said Roy, “and Canada must recognize our market size is not the same as other jurisdictions, so our regulatory process cannot impose unneeded burdens to approvals of products available in other trusted markets.”

The 90-day provisional registration or approval of feeds, seeds, antimicrobials, and pest control products that are already approved by two or more trusted jurisdictions echoes the Canadian Federation of Agriculture’s recommendations regarding the process for approval of products.

“We thank and applaud MP Kody Blois on his leadership towards this file and helping our sector remain competitive and a global leader,” said Roy. “We are hopeful this bill passes soon, as it is a vital bill that would help the Canadian agriculture sector.”