Swine Cluster 4 Assembles Researchers From 13 Canadian Institutions Working Collaboratively on Pork Sector Priorities

Farmscape for March 5, 2024

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The General Manager of Swine Innovation Porc says Swine Cluster 4 brings together over 50 researchers from 13 institutions working collaboratively on 18 pork sector research and knowledge transfer priorities. Swine Cluster 4, a five year just over 20-million-dollar research initiative funded by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the provincial pork organizations and industry partners, was officially launched in late February. Swine Innovation Porc General Manager Daniel Ramage says a large-scale program like this really does start by looking at what are the priority areas for the industry?

Quote-Daniel Ramage-Swine Innovation Porc:
Through the swine cluster program, we have had the benefit of focussing on a wide range of priorities, things from animal health to nutrition, animal care, meat quality. Then, of course environmental sustainability is of increasing interest to both consumers and regulators and then to producers as well. The swine cluster really is looking at strengthening all of those areas through targeted research projects. What the swine cluster does through this collaborative investment is that it really does facilitate collaboration among researchers from leading institutions and universities across Canada and it focusses that research around targeted industry priorities, things that are going to drive forward meaningful advancements for the pork sector.

It’s bringing together over 50 researchers from across Canada and that’s researchers from across 13 institutions working across 18 research and knowledge transfer activities. We’re really excited about that, both the scope of the research that’s being put forward but also the level of collaboration and the level of cooperation that we’re able to advance through this type of investment.

Full details on Swine Innovation Porc and its Swine Cluster 4 activities can be found at swineinnovationporc.ca.

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