duBreton Expands Opposition to Quebec Marketing Agreement

Organic pork processor duBreton, headquartered in Saint-Bernard, Quebec, has announced a new agreement with an animal welfare certified pork producer in Ontario. The company states that this contract is essential to maintain its plant operations at full capacity.

duBreton has been actively campaigning against a Canadian hog collective marketing agreement implemented a year ago. This step by the Canadian government aimed to stabilize the pork supply chain in Quebec, which had been grappling with disruptions, labor shortages, and export halts to major markets like China.

Last year, duBreton garnered nearly 2,000 signatures on a petition supporting its bid to be exempted from the collective marketing plan, which includes financing for what the company terms “mass pork production.” Earlier this year, duBreton formally requested exclusion from the regulations.

In its recent announcement, duBreton highlighted that aspects of the hog marketing agreement hinder the movement between slaughterhouses and prevent producers from pursuing new agreements that uphold higher animal welfare standards.

Vincent Breton, president of duBreton, expressed concern, stating, “It is regrettable that current regulations are limiting local producers’ access to unique market opportunities, jeopardizing the productivity and profitability of certain buyers. That’s why we’ve sought exemption from the joint plan for organic and animal welfare certified products.”

While duBreton has been sourcing hogs from producers outside Quebec for several years, the company emphasized that this specific contract became necessary due to the restrictions imposed by the government’s marketing agreement and a shortage of supply within the province.