duBreton, Canadian Organic Pork Processor, Seeks Exemption from Joint Marketing Plan

In a notable development, organic pork processor duBreton has formally requested exclusion from the collaborative marketing and financing strategy devised by Quebec pork producers. This joint plan, primarily aimed at supporting what duBreton labels as “mass pork production,” has prompted concerns from the Saint-Bernard, Quebec-based company. duBreton is apprehensive that the financial burden of promoting larger commodity pork producers in the province will disproportionately fall on specialty pork producers, omitting their unique products from the collective effort.

Expressing its reservations, duBreton underscores the potential unfairness that may arise for specialty pork producers, who could find themselves shouldering the promotional costs associated with larger-scale commodity pork operations. The company initiated its stance last year, launching a petition that garnered nearly 2,000 signatures in support of its plea for exclusion. Notably, backing for duBreton’s cause has been received from key entities, including the municipalities of Rivière-du-Loup and Saint-Bernard.

This move by duBreton sheds light on the complexities within the Quebec pork industry, where diverse producers navigate differing market strategies. As the debate unfolds, duBreton’s bid for exemption underscores the importance of equitable representation and consideration of specialty products within broader industry initiatives.