Assessing trailer cleanliness

A rapid, easy to use and reliable way of monitoring surface cleanliness of swine transport trailers is needed for practical industry applications. ATP bioluminescence has been demonstrated to be a good alternative tool for monitoring surface cleanliness in swine transport trailers, providing results within minutes as opposed to days for traditional microbiological testing. Two demonstration sites were established in wash facilities (Quebec, Saskatchewan) to test the reliability and feasibility of ATP Bioluminescence in assessing trailer cleanliness.

Research indicated the ATP bioluminescence method can be used as a supplementary tool for monitoring surface cleanliness of transport trailers in a rapid, simple, inexpensive and reliable way, to complement the clean, wash, dry and disinfect (CWDD) procedures. However, use of ATP Bioluminescence at demonstration sites indicates there are several distinct advantages and disadvantages to commercial implementation.

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