Porcine Sapovirus Found Alone and with Coinfections in Cases of Diarrhea During Quarter 4

Farmscape for February 9, 2024

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The Manager of the Canada West Swine Health Intelligence Network is encouraging pork producers to focus on addressing coinfections first, when Porcine Sapovirus is suspected in cases of diarrhea. The Canada West Swine Health Intelligence Network has released its Quarter four report for 2023. CWSHIN Manager Dr. Jette Christensen says Sapovirus was first mentioned in January last year and has been discussed during every quarterly call since.

Quote-Dr. Jette Christensen-Canada West Swine Health Intelligence Network:
Sapovirus has been seen in cases with diarrhea, both alone but also in combination with other viruses that cause diarrhea. It seems to be very frequent but we don’t know exactly how important it is in causing diarrhea because sometimes it’s seen alone and possibly causing diarrhea and sometimes it’s seen together with other viruses and bacteria that we know can cause diarrhea on its own so there’s still some knowledge that we need to dig out. The challenge is what to do if you find Sapovirus and you think it’s causing diarrhea in your herd. There’s been an attempt of vaccination and it’s not easy. It’s hard to get the vaccine, it’s hard to store the vaccine because it needs minus 70 freezers so, right now, the recommendation is if there’s Sapovirus make sure that you get a good handle and control all other viruses and bacteria that might be contributing to the diarrhea first. Only then might you talk to your vet and see if you can get vaccination going. It’s not the first option right now.

Dr. Christensen notes Prairie Diagnostic Services in Saskatoon has offered a test since July for Sapovirus and is testing every case of diarrhea for Sapovirus to gain further insight into the infection and Veterinary Diagnostic Services in Winnipeg is expected to be offering a test for Sapovirus shortly.

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